We are the global farm transformers - from animals to plants


The food of the future will be made from plants.

Animal farming for food production today is disastrous for the environment and is an unsustainable solution to feed our planet’s growing population. Plant-based foods are better for the planet, our health and the animals.

Our movement seeks to rethink economically viable farming models that are transformative in the way they use our planet’s resources, as well as new technologies to disrupt current animal-based agriculture. By creating an improved model that seeks to eliminate environmental costs, improve human health and reduce suffering, we will lead the way for modern agriculture and pioneer a new era for farming where farmers represent our culture's true global providers bringing us the plant-based food of the future to feed everyone.


We transform farms. From animals to plants.

We are the global movement that accelerates the transformation of the world's food production from animals to plants.

Our first mission is to transform a farm as a proof of concept that the transition from animals to plants with modern technology is not only sustainable and possible, but also economically feasible. In our second mission we will develop a blueprint to systematize and support a larger scale agricultural shift to enable the ongoing transformation of multiple farms and provide healthy food for the growing population.


The solution: Change the source

This video explains pioneering solutions to innovatively transform farms from animals to plants and help alleviate major global issues in 90 seconds.

What our supporters think

"I applaud that Blue Horizon is supporting farmers in producing better food in truly sustainable ways." Maria Di Cara, Singer / DJ / Producer

"Farmers need support to make this important transition from animals to plants. Blue Horizon can do that." Abby Lodmer, Health Coach

"We have so many options for sustainable food now. There’s really no need for factory farming animals." Will Wicks, Business Owner

"I believe Blue Horizon’s work is essential to survival on our planet." Tanya Perez, Actress & Activist

"It's of great necessity to address future farming to ensure survival on this planet." Sanjeeta Sharma, Intuitive/Healer, Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

"Transforming the food production from animal-based protein to plants is the future, more compassion equals a better world." Paige Carter, Co-Founder The 300 Pound Vegan

"Changing the way we farm makes sense on every level, for the farmers, the animals, and our health." Matt Amsden, Rawvolution

"I want to save the animals and the planet, that’s why I support Blue Horizon." Madison Elkins, 10

"Plant-based farming makes sense for the animals, human health and the ultimate goal--a healthy planet for all!" Linda Myers, CPA

"We all have the power to support positive change. Blue Horizon is instrumental in promoting positive change at the source." Julie Gandolfo, Vedic Meditation Teacher

"Animal farming is cruel and barbaric. The only way we can sustain and feed our planet will be to move to plant-based farming." Jörgen Christiansen, Yoga Teacher

"My dream is to eliminate all animal suffering while simultaneously reducing the carbon dioxide omissions through a plant-based diet." Jaden Elkins, 16

"I like Blue Horizon because plant-farming is better for our planet and all the animals that live here with us." Franka Wargin, 9

"Our family is thriving on a plant-based diet; so I’m supporting Blue Horizon’s mission." Deborah Elkins, Volunteer Community Liaison to the schools

"Plant-based food is better for the planet." Deanne Oi, Designer

"The Blue Horizon movement is a necessary one." David Carter, Former NFL Player & The 300 Pound Vegan

"We need to be wiser how we use the resources on our planet. Transitioning farms from animals to plants makes sense on so many levels." Danielle Oosthuizen, Yoga Teacher

"I believe in the cause of Blue Horizon because having plant farms is a start in the right direction of the world I want to live in." Dane Elkins, 18

"Its time to end the pain and instead grow a fruitful gain." Crystal Amsden, Yoga Student

"Farming plants is better for everyone because animals don’t needlessly suffer." Cody Elkins, 12

"I believe that a blue horizon is in reach for all." Carine Camara, Acupuncturist and Healthy Living Expert

"What Blue Horizon is doing is great because they will help safeguard our planet for future generations." Brett Elkins, President Traffic Safety consultants

"The way that we feed ourselves has so many impacts. That's why I support Blue Horizon's mission to transform farming." Alissa Barthel, Punk Rawk Labs

"It hurts the animals when we eat them." Leo Kosel, 4

"I am vegan for my health and I believe that the farming of plants is the future." Imre Paskuly, Small Business Owner

"I believe a plant based life style is the answer to most of the problems in our world today." Krisztina Paskuly, Blogger





The journey to the future of farming

Website – Launched

Our new website is now live and we have started sharing content online – Follow us also on Facebook and Twitter.

Blog – Live

The GoodNews is on the way – Listen, view and read our blog.

Technology – Selected

We found the right technology for the transition of a first farm.

Farm – Start Transformation

Transformation begins at our first farm. We will implement new technologies and systems to transform the farm from animals to plants.

Support – Platform Live

Being involved and part of the change is easy – Check our Movement Support Platform that will help you get involved easy and fast.

Animals – Rescued

Animals are rescued and given freedom for life.

Plants – Produced

Our plants are growing and we can’t wait to have the first products ready.

Harvest – Ready

Our first harvest is on the way to the customers – healthy food produced with kindness.

Celebration – Party Time!

Let’s celebrate – our Mission for Transition has been accomplished! Now we will start to work on a from transformation blueprint so other farms can join the movement too.


Broken Shovels, USA ”There were many enlightening moments that drew me further and further from dairy."

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Bradley Nook Farm, UK ”I feel so much better farming this way. It’s a weight off my shoulders."

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Barrett Farm, USA ”If I could just have some freedom and if our farm could transform, then I could help others."

Read more

C&A Farm, USA ”No, they're not happy, and they're definitely not healthy."

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Starlove Ranch, USA ”We have to change with the times and focusing on resources that are renewable."

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The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats, USA ”We believe that we have a moral imperative to honor and respect the animals."

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Farmhouse Garden Animal Home, Canada “How hypocritical of me to give something so much love and the end thing is so different from that love."

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Rocking H Sanctuary, USA “Put down your fork and put your hand out to help.”

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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, USA Renee and Tommy are caring for their rescued herd.

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Vegangården, Sweden “If you care about animals, the answer isn’t ‘humane meat’. The right thing to do is to stop breeding animals for food.”

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Blue Horizon was founded in the summer of 2016, as a group of inspired professionals mused about the problems inherent in the global food supply. Because of the larger threats of global warming and destruction of freshwater supplies to the more personal dangers that eating animals posed to our health and also our humanity, we realized that a big change was needed and quickly. In order to create change that would ripple out across the various sectors affected by animal agriculture from the stewardship of the environment to human health and animal welfare, we needed to disrupt the world's reliance on animal foods. The signs were everywhere that plant-based proteins are on the rise, as the increasing variety of non-dairy milks crowd the shelves in supermarkets and are even becoming the norm at small town coffee shops. Big tech companies in Silicon Valley are investing in a laboratory tested, delicious meatless burger and animal based food conglomerates are buying up shares in plant protein companies. We knew we wanted to do our part in the plant-based disruption, but we weren't sure what we could do that would have a significant impact. And then, like with any problem that may seem to vast and complicated to solve, we decided to go back to its' source, the food itself being created on the farms. If we could "transform the source," by changing animal-based farms to plant-based operations, we could actually change the market for food itself. And while global farm transformation ultimately is our goal, we decided to start with one farm and build a blueprint for farmers to make the switch to produce plant protein successfully in order for future farms to follow our lead. To form our blueprint, we set about gathering data and partners, we researched and debated methods, we listened to thought leaders and asked questions. From the first stage of ensuring the released livestock animals had secure homes over the use of disruptive technologies like vertical farming, deep learning and big data, to the final stage of helping our farmer bring a plant-based product to market, we are building a sustainable vision for the farms of the future. Somewhere along the way, we realized a crucial fact about our mission: a lot of other people felt the same way we did. The world is full of people who shared our passion to create a better, healthier, sustainable world through plant-based living. We believe that with your help and with the support of the larger, global community, we could make big goals like farm transformation, a reality. This was more than an initiative we were building at Blue Horizon, it is a movement to build a better future for all of us.