What our supporters think

"I believe a plant-based life style is the answer to most of the problems in our world today."

Krisztina Paskuly,


"The way that we feed ourselves has so many impacts. That's why I support Blue Horizon's mission to transform farming."

Alissa Barthel,

Punk Rawk Labs

"What Blue Horizon is doing is great because they will help safeguard our planet for future generations."

Brett Elkins,

President Traffic Safety Consultants

"I believe that a blue horizon is in reach for all."

Carine Camara,

Acupuncturist & Healthy Living Expert

"Farming plants is better for everyone because animals don’t needlessly suffer."

Cody Elkins,


"Its time to end the pain and instead grow a fruitful gain."

Crystal Amsden,

Yoga Student

"I believe in the cause of Blue Horizon because having plant farms is a start in the right direction of the world I want to live in."

Dane Elkins,


"We need to be wiser how we use the resources on our planet. Transitioning farms from animals to plants makes sense on so many levels."

Danielle Oosthuizen,

Yoga Teacher

"Plant-based food is better for the planet."

Deanne Oi,


"Our family is thriving on a plant-based diet; so I’m supporting Blue Horizon’s mission."

Deborah Elkins,

Volunteer Community Liaison to the schools

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